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Hawkeye Buggies is owned and operated by Neil Decker. With over 30 years experience working on VW engines,
sand rail and buggy chassis, "Hawkeye" can help you achieve all your dune buggy dreams and needs.

Hawkeye, aka “Neil” started out tinkering and building for himself. It wasn't long until he was building buggies for friends. Today, Hawkeye enjoys building custom chassis buggies and sand rails to fit each customer and their needs. Each buggy can be as simple or as detailed as each person would like. Instead of a cookie cutter, assembly line chassis, each Hawkeye buggy is designed and built to each customer's requirements.

From head to toe, top to bottom, front to back and side to side, every aspect of every Hawkeye buggy is built with you, your dreams and your safety in mind.

call 903.857.2325 or email us!